Shoe Cleaning & Sneaker Reconstruction

When your shoes have deteriorated due to wear and tear, send them to us for professional shoe cleaning. At Spiffykicks Factory in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, we also perform shoe restoration.

Bringing Shoes Back to Brand New

In 1994 we designed our patented method for cleaning and restoration of shoes worldwide. We take a challenged pair of shoes and bring them back to box quality. In just two weeks, and for a very low price, we can extend the life of any type of shoe.

We repair and restore all shoes, including dress shoes, casual shoes, and athletic shoes but not just limited to shoes but handbags, saddles and fine leather goods also. With years of experience and a patent for what we do which is restoring classic athletic sneakers, we would love to get our hands on your classic Nike® , Reebok® , and Adidas® shoes.

We Are Not Your Grandfather’s Shoe Care

SpiffyKicks Factory has an advanced method of shoe care thanks to our patented “green” method of cleaning shoes. No other company in the world has a patented method for shoe rejuvenation. That means that we have the best technology for providing you with the best shoe care available.

Let Us Rebuild Your Shoes

That is right. We perform total shoe reconstruction. Regardless of the brand or style of shoe, we can rebuild it to look like new. You will be amazed at the result.